About tiQtoQ

At tiQtoQ we are committed to providing a set of innovative QA solutions for our clients and the wider testing community.

With the onset of increased digital disruption and the major impact of system and software failure, a transformation within the testing domain is paramount in ensuring that associated risks are avoided and testing process efficiencies are introduced.

We recognise Digital Assurance is key in any organisation and that they require a set of quality assurance practices to ensure smooth interactions between various components of Digital Ecosystems encompassing interconnected people, processes and devices cutting across the social, mobile, analytics and cloud infrastructures. These Digital Assurance practices become critical considering complexities of their environment and the challenges which an organisation faces in its journey to become a fully Digital Enterprise.

tiQtoQ is a company that delivers Digital Assurance results by providing innovative testing services allied to a team of passionate, highly experienced consultants. tiQtoQ will improve the quality of software & systems, provide assurance in project & programme delivery, reducing delivery risks and operational costs.

We are committed to improving quality by providing superior testing services to our customers and partners worldwide and we are continually advancing QA and testing methodologies. This includes the latest advances in Agile and Devops, along with the development of Cloud test solutions and dealing with the challenges of mobile testing. tiQtoQ offers a range of services including Resource Augmentation, Advisory and Managed Services.