About tiQtoQ

tiQtoQ is an independent software testing and quality assurance delivery company that is all about providing innovative testing solutions for our customers and partners.

At tiQtoQ we instil a culture that ensures the customer is at the heart of everything we do; our company is built upon this principle. tiQtoQ’s experienced team are committed to improving quality by providing superior and reliable software testing services to our customers.

Woman reading about tiqtoq on computer screenNot all organisations are the same – tiQtoQ’s fundamental objective is to provide innovative solutions, that are tailored to the customer, using our passionate and experienced team to deliver successful outcomes. tiQtoQ provides a fully customisable service in which we can take responsibility for test activities at whatever level of service your organisation needs. Be that at organisation, programme, project, or test phase level, we can can help you achieve your test goals flexibly, collaboratively and cost effectively.

Our bespoke approach ensures our services integrate in to the core of the organisation and are embedded for the future. We are committed to driving quality improvements by providing testing and quality assurance delivery to our customers and partners.



Find out about tiQtoQ Services

tiQtoQ offers a number of services from supplementary staffing to augment your existing test organisation to a full Managed Service capability at organisational level. The links below will take you to more detailed information on each of our services and how we implement them


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Our team of expert consultants use the latest technologies and methodologies to transform your testing function

    • Testing and Quality Assurance Delivery
    • Agile, Dev-Ops, BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) & TDD (Test Driven Development)
    • Test Automation
    • Test Delivery
    • Software and System Testing
    • Consulting