We were delighted to receive the following testimonial from Chris at IQE

To deliver a large transformational program, we knew we needed to bolster our core testing team. That’s when we turned to tiQtoQ. They came in to assess our test strategy, processes, procedures, and overall approach.

Thanks to tiQtoQ’s expertise in the field of large quality assurance delivery, we were able to quickly deploy a talented group of engineers and analysts at cost-effective rates. With their team on board we were able to achieve both quality work and get control of the project in a short amount of time.

By entrusting tiQtoQ with the responsibility of scaling the project delivery and working collaboratively with our existing IQE test and technical management team, it provided us with a high level of confidence that we would get the results we needed for our business.

As a result, tiQtoQ became a trusted and dependable partner for us, giving us demand-driven resource and ensuring that we always had access to the right skills at the right time.