Last Friday members of tiQtoQ’s senior leadership team attended a “speed-networking” event in Cardiff hosted by The Big Learning Company and Venture Graduates.

The team were able to meet fifty recent graduates who had just completed a three week intensive “Data, Digital and Cyber Bootcamp”. The bootcamps seek to develop graduates into future tech professionals by giving them practical hands-on experience of real-world scenarios in fast growing tech fields such as AI, data analysis, cyber security and digital communications.

tiQtoQ CEO Pete Jones said “It was a great opportunity for us as a business to see what talent is emerging into the tech field. We take our recruitment very seriously. We don’t compromise. It has to be the right person for the job, so we’re always on the lookout for potential new recruits. Venture Graduates have done a great job pulling all this together and it’s important to support our region as a tech hub. Our CTO Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and speaking to some of the amazing graduate talent that attended!”