tiQtoQ were delighted to help the volunteers & coaches at Caerau Ely RFC Mini & Juniors keep warm on the touchline while coaching with these sponsored VX3 winter coats.

Based in the Caerau area of Cardiff the entirely volunteer run club has over 200 children involved, 36 volunteers and is highly active in the broader Caerau and Ely communities. In an area of the city where there can be financial challenges for families they run a “boot bank” to provide free boots for kids. The aim is to knock down the bread and butter barrier to sporting participation for  families who might otherwise struggle to make the financial commitment.

While Caerau RFC has had an adult team for over fifty years,  the mini and junior age ranges has only been running since 2017. Covid hit the club particularly hard when the grants they relied on dried up. Now a range of local and national businesses and other charities all provide support in terms of kit, financial support and other sporting equipment but there’s other support available too – a partnership with a local foodbank helps the club supply hungry kids with breakfast on Sunday mornings when otherwise they might go without.

tiQtoQ CEO Peter Jones said “I’m a massive rugby fan and was brought up in the area so when I heard about the club we were only too happy to be able to support the amazing work the team at Caerau RFC do. We’re looking forward to helping where we can in the future and we’ll be at the fundraising quiz at the end of March to lend our support.”

We’ll also be supporting the team at their fundraiser quiz on the 31st March 2023