Leading software testing and quality assurance company tiQtoQ Ltd and Redcortex Ltd, a prominent cloud services and ICT transformation provider have entered into a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to bring together the unique strengths and capabilities of both companies to offer enhanced services to clients.

tiQtoQ Ltd is well-regarded for its innovative approach to software testing and quality assurance, ensuring customer satisfaction and quality are at the forefront of its services. RedCortex has established itself as a key player in cloud services, with a strong focus on transforming ICT services and a proven track record in both the public and private sectors.

Both companies place a strong emphasis on ensuring that the customer is at the heart of everything they do. Their shared goal of providing bespoke solutions for each client is at the heart of a strong focus of delivering practical solutions promptly and to budget.

Clients of both companies can anticipate benefiting from their combined expertise, leading to comprehensive and integrated technology solutions.

tiQtoQ CEO Pete Jones said “We’re really excited about the potential for this partnership. We both work in the same way, with the customer at the core of our operations. I know we bring a lot to the table and so do RedCortex. Together our offering is going to be very powerful.”

CEO of RedCortex Martin Britton said “Partnering with a fantastic company like tiQtoQ strengthens our customer offering, helping us provide excellent outcomes for our customers across a broader range of services.  Our combined reputation and aligned values around value for money, providing tangible deliverables and high quality solutions mean that this partnership uniquely positions us in the marketplace.”

This strategic partnership represents a commitment from both tiQtoQ Ltd. and RedCortex to leverage each other’s strengths to deliver added value to their clients and is a significant collaborative partnership in the technology services industry.