Test & Quality Assurance Assessment

What can a tiQtoQ Assessment do for you?


A tiQtoQ assessment is deep and robust inspection of your software quality assurance operation. Quality Assurance is more than simply testing software; it applies to the evolution in maturity of how a company develops or acquires and implements software applications. A change in IT organisations from a structure with primarily internal resources to a combination of internal and external sources has increasingly highlighted the need for strong QA practices.

To successfully improve quality, IT organizations must integrate and manage quality at all stages of the application life cycle. Managing quality is a continuous process of identifying, defining, measuring, managing and mitigating risks. This quality-centric approach fuels business value through better performance, lower costs, predictable delivery and reduced disruption.


Introducing the tiQtoQ Assessment


Test Quality Assurance AssessmentOur assessment service can scrutinise a single element within the testing lifecycle or provide an all-encompassing review across all internal test processes, test phases, suppliers, and contracts. The core services tiQtoQ offers are:

1. A review of a client’s existing internal testing process and documentation to identify areas for improvement based on comparison to industry best-practices, pinpointing process gaps, and spotting refinement opportunities in anticipation of automation technology.

2. An thorough assessment of a client’s third-party supplier’s testing process and documentation. We find areas for improvement by comparing to industry best practices, identifying process gaps, and assessing associated risks these might pose to a project or programme.

3. A thorough assessment of a third-party supplier contract to spot process gaps, compatible defect service level agreements, acceptance criteria, and associated risks these might bring to a project or programme.

4. The creation of a testing operating model for organisations with little or no experience in running a test practice within their organisation, programme, or project.

For major programmes, a combination of these services would be selected, while projects are likely to require only a subset. Any combination can be delivered at a fixed price, calculated post an initial tiQtoQ assessment.

Our objective is simple: to provide a streamlined, valuable first step, enabling customers to immediately harness the power of their Micro Focus solutions. By opting for a tiQtoQ assessment, you’re setting the stage for sustained, measurable progress.

Get in touch now to kickstart your quality transformation journey with tiQtoQ and experience the difference we can make to your business.