Managed Services

Testing is an absolutely critical element in ensuring that software and systems perform as specified, are deployed at pace, and don’t risk threatening business continuity during deployment.   Businesses will continue to rely more heavily on technology as a key channel to provide products and services to their customers, provide business operational support, making the demands on all departments more critical than ever.  The challenge is that all services must be delivered quickly, with zero defects, keeping costs as low as possible.

However, for many companies, reaching this level of assurance presents significant challenges:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) and testing functions may not be core to the business, and dedicated testing resources can be pushed to the limit;
  • Technological innovation, geographical location and device landscape can be complex and diverse creating compatibility issues that are difficult to replicate pre-live;
  • Generating business value in QA teams is difficult to calculate and quantify.  The losses directly attributable to production defects is difficult to articulate;
  • Specialist testing skills, tools and test environments, such as multi- system end-to-end testing, are expensive;
  • Business demands continue to grow expecting software and system perfection first time, every time;


Underlying the technical issues is the continual drive for increased productivity, reduced lead times, lower costs, and the need to comply with the latest legislation and regulations—all of which put greater pressure on quality assurance.

tiQtoQ understands that independent professional testing practices must play their part.  This requires the experience and expertise.  Leveraging the skills of a specialised testing partner, to manage day-to-day quality assurance, can free your management time to focus on other operational or strategic issues.

tiQtoQ Managed Services is the solution to these major test challenges, providing you with the test organisation, processes, and environments that will achieve optimum results and dependable state-of-the-art software that performs time after time.

Our Managed Service is fully customized service in which we take responsibility for test activities at organisation, programme, project, or test phase level. Our flexible team of testing experts, are trained in multiple technologies across multiple disciplines and sectors.   A collaborative approach to sourcing testing and QA, tiQtoQ Managed Services is the solution for clients who want to transform their testing function and achieve quality systems cost-effectively, without the expense of large overheads and the responsibilities of building and operating a full time test function, and without losing overall control.   Let us take control and leave you to manage your core business.