Automation Framework

Test automation adoption is often an essential, but challenging process for our customers who have complex technology estates. tiQtoQ have developed a flexible Test and QA Automation Framework that provides our customers with:

  • accelerated project delivery,
  • increased test coverage,
  • improved management information (MI)
  • significant cost savings.

tiQtoQ has extensive experience of software test automation from a range of clients in a wide variety of business sectors and sizes of organisation. Our bespoke framework is designed to be tailored to your specific needs. This ensures tiQtoQ can add value to your organisation whatever your current testing capability.


Our Automation Framework

Whether you are starting from scratch or to complement a well-established platform our principal consultants will thoroughly review your current automation suite.

They will develop and plan an enhanced service to work seamlessly within your established systems. We will define and implement new processes and technologies and where necessary to draw upon our pool of expert test automation analysts to augment your current resource capability.

This collaborative approach empowers your organisation to tackle complex testing challenges and maintain focus on the delivery of high quality products that meet the demands of your customers.

Our framework is built to be flexible allowing it to easily integrate and adapt to your environment. It can handle a wide range of test scenarios and scales easily for optimal performance. Its comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities can provide detailed insights into your testing efforts enabling you to make data-driven decisions at key stages of the project.

the disqo test automation framework
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The tiQtoQ Test and QA Automation Framework is a robust and adaptable foundation for your automated software testing requirements. We use only the most up to date technologies and employ industry wide best practices to enable us to integrate with your team seamlessly, tackle your testing challenges and enable you to focus on delivering a great product.