Welcoming Dan

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming a new member to our team, for a Post-Graduate work experience opportunity. A week’s program was arranged for Dan to work with several members of our team to gain an insight into life at tiQtoQ. He also undertook various tasks assigned to him and writes the following about his time with us:

Dan writes

“My work experience at tiQtoQ has been both a great opportunity and a lot of fun from start to finish. This was a wonderful opportunity for me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better time learning new things. My week of work experience here was broken down into different days. This gave me an overview of the company allowing me to learn about how these different fields work.

My first day at tiQtoQ consisted of an overview of the company and what to expect within the week ahead. I spent time with Paul Gitsham learning about different in-flight projects, along with a summary of the recent clients that tiQtoQ has been working with. I also had a brief but interesting introduction to some of the key members of the company who I would be working with in the week ahead. Later I had a meeting with Paul Elliott, and I was informed about some of his current work, along with the general duties of tiQtoQ’s line management and his day-to-day role within the company.


The second day, I had a meeting with Sarah Morgan, and this was a day devoted to learning more about manual testing. I spent some of the day learning about the concept of Sprints and how a team would carry out the planning of a Sprint. I delved into learning how to read and write a script for a manual test, along with how you would carry out a manual test and how you would write up a report on any bugs or defects that were spotted along the way. After this I was tasked to test the tiQtoQ testing app website and to put my newly obtained knowledge to good use.  

The third day was spent learning about automation testing with Marcus Smith. I was told more information about the different types of testing, what they were and how they were carried out. I was also told about the goals of automation such as the ability to reduce human error and speed up testing which are both incredibly important aspects to the future of testing. However, I was also told about the importance of the human support element involved with both automation and manual testing. Further in the day we did a bit of pair programming and put what I had learned that day to use by writing and performing a basic test within Playwright.  


During the fourth day, I had a meeting with Ella Gitsham about the digital engagement of the company and how the tiQtoQ website is maintained and edited daily with their own editor. I was also informed about a variety of powerful tools that help optimise the content for search engines, and websites that help gather imagery such as Unsplash and Pexels. Later in the day I spent some time with Stuart Jones learning more about how tiQtoQ’s IT systems were managed and the benefits that Cloud-based technology brings. Also, I was briefed on compliance at tiQtoQ and given a great overview of the rules and regulations that tiQtoQ follows. 

In conclusion

For the last day, I had a meeting with Pete Jones and Paul Gitsham to discuss the experience that I had received and to give my own feedback on the week along with receiving feedback from everyone who I had worked with during that week.  

Overall, this has been a brilliant and fun learning experience for me. I have gained a much wider array of knowledge on topics that I had previously known little about, and it has allowed me to explore new and exciting interests which have opened my eyes to look towards many new career pathways. I would highly recommend tiQtoQ for work experience for anyone who is looking for a career in testing and IT systems as a whole.

It was great to have Dan join us for the week. We gave him a full programme of activities that showed him not only the technical aspects of the services we provide to our customers, but also the work that goes into running the business and supporting the delivery of those services. Our CEO Pete Jones said “The feedback I had from my team on Dan was exceptional. He took on board all the technical and non technical aspects of quality assurance without any issues and on a personal level was a pleasure to work with”.